Top 20 Car Driving Tips for Beginners
August 2, 2022

Top 20 Car Driving Tips for Beginners

Today, driving a car is a necessity. Many people know the art of driving and many are interested in how to learn car driving. In this article, I am sharing top car driving tips for beginners that help you in improving your driving skills.

Just like learning any other skill, driving also seems very challenging in the beginning and is obvious for beginners to feel daunting. During your initial stage of learning to drive a car, things may look confusing but with the right knowledge and attitude, you can learn to drive within a few days.

When learning to drive a car your focus should be on becoming a safe and responsible driver rather than learning the skill quickly and getting a driving license. These top 20 car driving tips for beginners will help you learn to drive safely and confidently.

Here are the top 20 car driving tips for beginners. 

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Car

When it comes to the top 20 car driving tips for beginners, one important point that tops the list is getting familiar with the car.

A car is a powerful machine with a large number of controls and buttons. Unless you are aware of the functions of different controls and buttons, you will find it difficult to drive the car properly. Getting to know your car is important.

Sit behind the steering wheel and fiddle with the knobs and buttons before you turn on the key. Ask, if you don’t understand anything. Before you take out the car on the road, you must know the use of each button and know when to use them. At the same time, you must know how to use the pedals, accelerator, gears, brake, and clutch. The first lesson on how to learn car driving should begin with this important tip only.

2. Always Carry Your License

Do not forget to carry your driving license always

Driving a car is a new thing and it is obvious to forget to carry your driving license always. But you must keep this in mind to avoid this mistake.

In fact, one of the important driving tips for beginners is to always carry their driving license with them, especially when driving. As soon as you begin how to learn car driving, apply for a learner’s license.

When you learn to drive, sit for the driving test and get your license. As per your driving skills, you are only allowed to drive a certain type of vehicle. Do not try to drive a type of vehicle which is not prescribed in your license. No matter how good you are at driving if some officials ask you to show your valid license, you need to do that. Getting caught without a license can lead to serious consequences.

3. Always Maintain Speed Limit

Avoid overspeeding when you are learning to drive a car. this is one of the important driving tips.

One of the most common causes of a car crash is overspeeding. Hence, as a beginner, you should always maintain a moderate or slow speed. Do not get thrilled with the adrenaline rush that high speed gives. Also, being a beginner it is difficult to have full control over the car when driving at high speed.

Even if you become a good driver, do not try to drive a car at high speed. Maintain the speed limit as per the road rules, and avoid driving at a high or even low speed. While high speed can cause accidents, low speed can cause problems for other drivers on the road.

4. Correct Use of Indicators and Horns

learn the correct use of indicators and horns

One of the important driving tips for beginners is to learn the correct use of indicators and horns. In fact, not signalling properly is one of the worst mistakes that a driver can make.

The use of the right indicators allows you to communicate your intentions to other drivers and hence reduces the risk of accidents. Proper use of indicators and horns is also essential for road safety.

When driving, use the right indicators during taking out the car from a parking area or turning the car to your right or left or simply changing a lane. It will help to warn the other car drivers too about your intention.

5. Stick to Familiar Roads and Avoid Highways

When you are in the stage of how to learn car driving, do not make the mistake of taking your car on unfamiliar roads. Practice driving on a familiar road or street. This is an important driving tip for beginners.

Familiar roads will help you build your confidence and you do not have to look at the GPS to plan your route. Regularly checking the GPS will even lead to distraction, which is not good for a beginner.

Also, you must try to avoid driving on interstates and major highways as in such areas the traffic will be heavy and you might not feel confident to drive smoothly.

6. Don’t Drive With Wrong Mentality

The right mindset is important to learning to drive a car. Hence, always remain positive and keep telling yourself that you can learn to drive and do it easily without any problem.

When learning to drive a car, your focus should be completely on what the instructor is teaching you. In this way, you will learn new things. Also when driving always keep your eyes and mind on the road only. Do not get distracted in any way as it can throw you off balance.

Avoid driving in a stressed or tense mood as it will only cause distraction and lead to accidents. Also, do not drive when you are feeling sleepy or tired. Before driving you must be well-rested so that you are aware of your surroundings when driving.

7. Use a Dashcam

driving tips for beginners

In the list of top 20 car driving tips for beginners, you must give importance to a dashcam also. The dash cam is a popular accessory for cars nowadays. It is a device that records everything that you will encounter during driving a car.

Having a dash cam in your car means you have the right evidence at your fingertips, especially when involved in a car accident. Nobody can put blame on you for being a learner if you are driving correctly.

Also, a dash cam helps to reduce road rage, tells about reckless or rash drivers, and helps in avoiding unnecessary harassment from police.

You can even monitor your driving behavior via dash cam and rectify the mistakes.

8. Ignore What Other Drivers Think

Another important driving tip for beginners is to ignore what others are thinking. You are learning a new skill and you will be able to do it at your own pace and speed. Hence, do not allow your confidence level to become low wondering what other drivers are thinking about you.

As long as you are driving safely and learning new things every day and implementing them correctly, there is nothing to worry about. Don’t feel pressured to learn everything in a haste drive just because others are good at driving.

You must know about your learning capacity and focus only on becoming a safe and responsible driver.

9. Be Aware Of Your Driving Mistakes

Driving is a daunting task, especially for beginners who cannot learn everything in a day. Also, it is obvious to make mistakes during the initial stage. However, do not allow mistakes to hold you back, or else you will never be able to learn to drive.

The right attitude is to learn from your own mistake and work hard to build your confidence level.  Also, do not feel embarrassed and avoid the mistake of comparing your progress with other drivers.

Each and every individual is different and their grasping power also. Make mistakes but learn to grow from them, and then only you can master this art.

10. Do Not Drink and Drive 

avoid drinking and driving

One of the most essential car driving tips for beginners is to avoid drinking and driving at any cost. Driving under the influence of alcohol is not a sign of being a good driver.

In fact, this foolish mistake increases your risk of being in an accident. This, in turn, put you as well as others’ lives at risk. Alcohol-impaired driving crashes have caused many deaths.

In serious cases, a drunk driver can even be fined heavily or put in jail. One may even lose his job and professional driving license.

When under the influence of alcohol, it is always a good idea to ask someone else to drive or simply take a cab.

11. Learn Parallel Parking and Proper Merging

Another essential car driving tip for beginners is to make perfect their parking skills. During the initial stage on how to learn car driving, it is parking skills that look like a daunting task, but with practice, you can easily master the skill.

Along with parallel parking, you need to also learn about reverse parking and proper merging to avoid inconvenience for others.

No matter how good you drive on road, it is the parking skills that highlight your driving ability. On the other hand, poor parking is a sign of irresponsible drivers. When it comes to parking a car like a pro, practice makes a car driver perfect. Hence practice regularly and soon you will be able to park your car within the painted lines.

12. Practice Every Day

During the initial stage of how to learn car driving, it is not possible to learn everything in a day or two. Learn new things every day and practice daily to master them.

It is through regular practice and full dedication only that one can master the skill of driving. Regular practice will even quicken the process of how to learn car driving. There is no need to practice for an hour. Even a daily practice of half an hour will help a lot.

Make sure you practice everything like driving in traffic, driving in different road conditions, parking, and driving at a specific speed.  Regular practice will also help build confidence and competence.

13. Fasten the Seat Belt

mportant driving tips for beginners

One of the most important driving tips for beginners is to always fasten the seat belt before starting the engine. Seat belts are designed for a purpose and you must give importance to it. Seat belts help to reduce serious crash-related injuries and even deaths.

Along with you being a driver, make sure other passengers sitting in your car are also wearing their seat belts.

It only takes only a few seconds to strap on your seat belt and is a sign of a responsible driver. So, from when you are taking training on how to learn car driving, give stress on wearing a seat belt.

14. Check and Make Adjustments Before Drive

In the list of top 20 car driving tips for beginners, one must give importance to checking and making necessary adjustments when driving. You must feel comfortable while driving a car.

Your driving position should make you feel comfortable as well as safe when sitting behind the wheels. Before starting the engine make sure your backside and back are up against the seat for better support of the body. Your sitting position should ensure easy access to all the controls of the car such as the pedals, the steering, and the gear lever.

You can make necessary adjustments related to the steering wheel, mirrors, and the height of the seat.

15. Avoid Any Kind of Distractions

When you start your lessons on how to learn car driving, one important thing to keep in mind is to avoid any kind of distractions, irrespective of how small it is.

Driving is a serious task and it needs your full concentration hence there is no place for any kind of distractions. While driving, your mind should be only on this task and not allow your mind to roam here and there.

Some of the common distractions that you must try to avoid are using your cell phone, eating, drinking, applying make-up, and even adjusting the radio. Even passengers who might be the cause of distraction must be alerted in advance.

16. Have Confidence 

Building confidence is one of the essential car driving tips

Having confidence is important for drivers, whether they are in the learning stage or on an experienced level.

If you learn to become confident while driving, then you will no longer feel self-conscious. Being self-conscious is one of the reasons behind mistakes during driving.  Also, confidence can help avoid many problems that can occur in driving.

Building confidence is one of the essential car driving tips for beginners. To help you build your confidence level, practice often and take your time. You shouldn’t compare your learning speed with others.

If you lack confidence, ask an experienced driver to accompany you on your practice time. Also, try to drive in all weather as well as road condition.

17. Know the Basics of Automotive Mechanics

Another essential car driving tip for beginners is to learn about basic automotive mechanics. Here it does not mean learning everything, a car mechanic should know. However, there are certain things that any driver should know.

For instance, it is very important to know how to change a flat tyre. You never know when a situation arises where you might need to change a tyre and there is no help within reach.

Similarly, beginners must know how to pop the hood, change a light bulb, jump a battery, and Add oil and coolant to the car. At the same time, one must and understand what the different dash warning lights mean and what to do accordingly.

18. Always Get Insured

When you are interested in how to learn car driving, you must also give importance to car insurance. In fact, before sitting behind the steering wheel make sure you are carrying your driving license, insurance documents and any other car-related document such as the registration certificate.

You need insurance for your peace of mind. Suppose your car is involved in an accident resulting in damage or loss to the property of any other person, it will be covered under the car insurance. Also, in case of any other legal liabilities, car insurance protects you against the same.

In Australia, car insurance is a must for drivers in almost every state. Good car insurance can help handle a lot of problems and support you during a hard time.

19. Always Follow the Rules

Road rules and regulations are made for a reason and there is no other option but to follow them.  Hence, one of the essential car driving tips for beginners is to know the road signs and rules of driving and to follow them without fail.

As a new driver, this is a very important tip as you never know what can cause an accident. But when each and every driver on the road follows the rules of driving, the rate of accidents will gradually come down.

Knowing the road signs and rules is also a sign of a responsible driver and it helps to make road safety for yourself as well as others. Also, when everyone follows the rules, it makes it easier to predict how people will behave you become a confident and safe driver.

20. Learn From Good Driving School 

Learn Driving From Good Driving School 

In the list of top 20 car driving tips for beginners, one important tip is to learn from an expert. In fact, you should look for a good driving school in your area. These experts can give you both practical and theoretical training in how to learn car driving.

Experts will also make you familiar with the rules of the road. There are different types of courses in a driving school and you can choose one depending upon your current driving knowledge. The driving courses are designed to cover the essentials from the basic rules for driving to the fundamentals of the vehicle itself.

With the right training, you can pass your driving test as well as become a skilled and confident driver.

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