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Aventus Driving School has focused on empowering individuals in achieving their driving goals. Since first day, we are offering professional driver training courses turning new or inexperienced individuals into qualified and reliable drivers. Our Perth Driving School takes pride in delivering a complete package of driving lessons. Our sessions are a mix of practical and classroom training, making us a trusted figure by teens and adults in Perth and above.

Driving demands seriousness and responsibility, and we have created our training methods that make our students eligible individual in holding steering wheel. With over 20 skilled Driving Instructor Perth, we offer one-to-one driving lessons on well maintained dual controlled cars to our students, making them lifetime skilled drivers at our Driving School Perth.

  • All our driving lessons Perth are developed by skilled driving instructors.
  • We offer reasonable pricing for all our services.
  • We have a fleet of well maintained dual control cars.
  • We offer our cars for driving tests.

Trained Instructors

Male and female instructors as per preference


Rich Experience

History of creating effective drivers


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We provide pickup and drop off at your home.



We can offer service as per your schedule.

Know about the Aventus Driving School

What makes us the ultimate choice for your next driving session? We are a team of experts in-car driving training intended to provide step-by-step sessions to students who qualify the age limit recommended by the government. We have handpicked our driving instructors who are licenced and trained in modern techniques and most importantly, passionate about teaching. All the vehicles utilised by us are inspected for safety and legally insured by elite insurance companies.


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