Top 5 Benefits of Taking Automatic Driving Lessons.
September 27, 2022

Top 5 Benefits of Taking Automatic Driving Lessons.

There has been an increase in the demand for automatic cars in the market. Not just the leading manufacturers are coming up with new automatic car models every year, but even people are showing interest in taking driving lessons to learn how to drive an automatic car. People are eager to know the benefits of taking automatic driving lessons and are ready to pay money to learn to drive.

In fact, in Australia, there are many driving schools that offer automatic driving lessons. They highlight the advantages of automatic driving lessons keeping in mind the increasing demand for automatic cars amongst buyers. Not just old people, but even youngsters are aware of the benefits of automatic driving lessons and trying to learn this skill from the experts.

Before you get acquainted with automatic driving lesson’s benefits, it is important to know about automatic cars. An automatic car is an automobile with an automatic transmission (also known as a gearbox), where the driver does not have to shift gears manually. It is the transmission that helps to direct the rotational force and speed of a car.

Those who hold a manual licence can legally drive and rent an automatic car, however, before trying your hand at an automatic car, it is important to take a few driving lessons. It has been found that allowing the car to handle the gears is something that drivers do not get accustomed to easily.

Enrol in a reputed driving school to learn to drive an automatic car and what are the benefits of taking automatic driving lessons.

Here are the top 5 advantages of automatic driving lessons.

1. Learning made simpler:

learning to drive an automatic car

Learning anything new from an expert is always a different experience and learning to drive an automatic car is not an exception. When you learn from an expert, you get to learn to drive in a systematic and simple manner. This is one of the biggest benefits of taking automatic driving lessons.

In an automatic car, most of the operations are performed with automation and hence the process of learning is easy as compared to learning to drive a manual car. All that a learner needs to do is keep a few things in mind during the driving lessons and implement them as needed. When the instructor is experienced the learning process becomes very easy.

A good instructor knows about the tips and tricks to make a learner grasp new things. This, in turn, leads to a reduction in the learning process, ultimately allowing you to save some bucks. This is one of the advantages of automatic driving lessons.

You are deprived of this key advantage if you think of learning to drive an automatic car from a close friend, neighbour or relative.

Moreover, driving to school is beneficial for those who have a busy schedule. You can choose a driving school that offers booking as well as lesson timing flexibility. Time commitment is something that you cannot ignore.

2. Australia has a higher percentage of automatic vehicles:

benefits of learning automatic driving lessons

According to RTA statistics, most new drivers do not even both take the manual test for a driving license. This is mainly because, in Australia, about 70 per cent of the new car market is ruled by automatic cars. To be a part of the trend, young drivers are aware of what are the benefits of taking automatic driving lessons and prefer to enrol in a reputed driving school.

It is not that cars with manual transmissions are not available in the Australian market but when it comes to buying a new car, the majority of people prefer to invest in cars with automatic transmissions.

At the same time, to help people learn to drive automatic cars, driving schools have come up with different packages for automatic driving lessons. It is also easy to find an experienced instructor for learning to drive automatic cars. This is one of the few benefits of taking automatic driving lessons.

3. Avoid stalling the car:

Confidence Driving

Many people delay taking a driving lesson due to a lack of confidence and the mere thought of driving a car on a busy road. One of the benefits of automatic driving lessons is that here instructors work hard on building your confidence level and making you a safe and responsible driver.

Irrespective of whether you are driving a manual or an automatic car, you need to drive with the right attitude and confidence level. To get that positive attitude and confidence level it is a good idea to get trained by a certified instructor at a reputed driving school.

Another important automatic driving lessons benefits is that here instructors can help rectify your faults to make you a good and responsible driver. In a driving school, both theoretical and practical knowledge can be gained and ample time is given to master a particular skill. This helps the learners to gain experience and to feel confident behind the wheel even on a busy road.

4. The focus should be on developing skills related to hazard perception:

Developing Driving Skills

In case you are still wondering what are the benefits of taking automatic driving lessons then one important point is that here instructors give more focus on developing skills related to hazard perception.

While it is true when driving automatic car coordination of hand and mind is less as compared to when driving a manual car. You do not have to remain alert all the time thinking about the traffic, road condition as well as the sound of the engine sound, the clutch and the usage of the correct gear. As many things are handled automatically, a driver can feel relaxed and enjoy the drive.

When learning to drive an automatic car, a learner can remain focused on what the instructor is saying and digest the knowledge quickly. This is one of the key advantages of automatic driving lessons.

During the driving lessons, a learner gets enough time to communicate with their driving instructors. This helps in diminishing the hesitation to ask questions and clarifying their doubts.

An instructor also helps a novice driver to know about road rules and regulations. Getting acquainted with the road rules and regulations is one of the benefits of taking driving school lessons. Not just learning, the instructor even helps a lot in following the road rules and regulations. This is very important for those who have relocated to a new place and have no idea about the new road rules and regulations. Remember that each state in Australia has their own set of road rules and regulations and one must be aware of them before driving a car on the road.

5. Keep both hands on the wheel:

benefit of keeping both hands on the steering wheel

One of the key benefits of taking automatic driving lessons is that here learners get to learn to keep both hands on the wheel.

When driving an automatic car, a driver has the benefit of keeping both hands on the steering wheel as there is no need to change the gears manually. Everything is handled automatically. This is very different from driving a manual car where it is required to change gears manually.

People who know to drive a manual car find it difficult to hold both their hands on the steering wheels when driving an automatic car for the first time. But this problem can be resolved by taking an automatic driving lesson from a reputed driving school. Here the instructors know that you have built up a habit and it will take some time to get accustomed to the features of an automatic car.

Instructors even help build your confidence level and make you realize that you control the car during the whole drive even with both of yours on the steering wheel. In a driving school, instructors also teach about driving etiquette that any driver should be aware of. By following the driving etiquette, you are contributing from your end to make it easy for everyone to share the road without causing any difficulty.

Final Thoughts:

Looking at the above benefits of taking automatic driving lessons it is obvious that when trying to learn to drive automatic car importance should be given to a reputed driving school. In Australia, there are many reputed driving schools having different packages for automatic driving lessons at reasonable rates. Different driving schools charge differently. While some charge on a per lesson basis, there are some who charge on an hourly basis. The cost per lesson or per hour basis will be somewhere around $40 – $60.

You can choose one of the packages depending upon whether you wish to learn from scratch or simply want to upgrade from driving skills from manual to automatic. Also, you can choose a driving school depending on how much you can afford to pay for the lessons.

There are many benefits of automatic driving lessons, but always choose the best driving school to learn automatic driving and master this important life skill. Do your research properly to find the best driving school within your locality.

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