7 Common Mistakes Learners Make While Learning To Drive
June 29, 2022

7 Common Mistakes Learners Make While Learning To Drive

When you are on the road it is common to feel impressed by skilled drivers. It is the driving skill of a person that tells us whether the driver is experienced or a learner. Well, there are many common mistakes learners make while learning to drive. It is through mistakes and the skill to rectify them that makes a person a good driver.

A well-trained driver plays a key role in reducing the number of road accidents, hence making the road safe for all. When we think of road accidents and their after-effects, it becomes even more important to avoid common driving mistakes. A small error can take away the life of a person.

Whether it is a faulty vehicle, poor weather conditions, or heavy traffic, a good driver should be prepared to handle a car in all situations. Skilled drivers are also aware of all of the road safety rules and protocols.

Learning to drive responsibly is an intimidating task, but as it is a very important skill you must take driving lessons seriously. Join a reputed driving school to expertise in this life skill. You shouldn’t just aim to take the driving lesson. So, apart from learning to control the car, try to be a responsible driver and avoid making common driving mistakes.

Here are the 7 common mistakes learners make while learning to drive.

1. Lack of Concentration

driving with concentration


One of the common driving mistakes that many drivers make is driving without full concentration. Even if a car is automatic and fully equipped with safety features, you need to drive with full concentration.

Accidents can be caused by distractions of any kind. Driving is a skill that can be physically and mentally draining, especially when you are still at the learning stage.

During the learning stage, it is common for a person to focus on just one element of driving at a time. But this is not the correct way or approach to learning to drive. One should completely concentrate on the driving lessons instead of allowing the mind to invade from one thing to another.

Distraction during driving lessons can occur when you are not feeling well, feeling extremely tired, having an emotional breakdown, or when you are under too much stress. During such situations, it is recommended to avoid driving lessons.

Your driving lessons will be more effective if you concentrate. This can be done by avoiding stimulants, getting 7-8 hours of proper sleep, reducing stress levels, eating healthy to increase your concentration level, practicing meditation and other breathing exercises.  There are many instructors who can help you to improve your concentration level.

2. While Parking 

Mistakes made while parking


No matter how good you drive on road, you are not a good driver if your parking skills are poor. Parking like a pro shows the perfectness in your maneuvering skills and backing up skills. It has been found that learners make a lot of mistakes while learning to park a car on a street, reverse parking, or parallel parking. In fact, poor parking is one of the common driving mistakes that many people make.

Instructors take special classes on how to park a car properly. During such a lesson, learners should stay fully focused, or else during driving test chances of failure is high. When it comes to parking a car like a pro, practice makes a car driver perfect. So, what you get to learn at the driving class, practice regularly. Initially, you will find it difficult and make mistakes when driving your car to a parking area but soon with practice, you can park your car within the painted lines.

Parking should be done with equal space on both sides of the car. Space is important for you and your passenger to get in and out of the car easily. Also, good parking skills help other people to access their cars easily.

3. Poor Listening

When Attending a driving class listening isn’t just about hearing. Here listening is defined as the art of receiving information, interpreting, and properly implementing it when driving a car. In fact, not giving importance to listening properly to the instructions given by the driving instructors is one of the common mistakes learners make while learning to drive.

There are many things that Driving instructors teach the students during the driving classes. These small tips come in handy during the practical classes. Hence, you need to fully concentrate on what the instructors are saying and understand them properly.

In case of any doubt, ask questions and clarify them. Until and unless you come forward and tell the instructor about your doubts, you cannot grasp anything taught to the next class.  Always learn driving from experts who are more than eager to clear all your doubts and point out your mistakes before they become a habit.

When attending a class, give your time to what the instructor is saying. Without effective listening, the learning process will break down. So, listen intently to the instructor and make sure you implement the instructions while you are sitting behind the wheel.

4. Not Signalling Properly

Giving the right signal is an indicator of a good driver. Using the right indicators lets you communicate your intentions to other drivers.

Whether you are taking out the car from a parking area or turning the car to your right or left or simply changing a lane, giving the right signal is a must.  Indicating properly is essential to road safety and avoiding accidents.

In fact, not giving the right signal is one of the worst mistakes while driving that a new driver can make. This is why when driving instructors talk about common mistakes learner makes while learning to drive; they give stress on avoiding improper signalling.

Improper use of indicators is one of the main reasons behind not passing the driving test for a licence. New drivers often forget about signalling because they are too focused on trying to concentrate on other aspects of driving.

So, when you are taking driving lessons, concentrate on what your instructor is teaching you and follow the rules properly when you are sitting behind the wheels.  Even if there is no other vehicle or pedestrians in the area, follow the rules always. Also, always follow the traffic rules for your own safety and others too.

5. Not Checking the Mirrors Regularly

Most Common Mistakes Learner Drivers Make


Relying only on mirrors and not “head checking” blind spots is another worst mistake while driving that many new learners tend to make. When you make the mistake of only checking the mirrors, then the chances of ignoring the blind spots are high. This can ultimately lead to dangerous situations on the road. This is why driving instructors often tell the students to perform regular “head checks” to be fully aware of any blind spot. Blind spots are the reason for many accidents on road.

By regular head checks, it means you must turn your head 90 degrees from time to time to look to your side and behind you to be fully aware of what is happening all around you. The proper use of rear and side mirrors helps in making you a defensive driver. Do not treat mirrors as irrelevant or avoid ignoring them while driving. Avoid this mistake while learning to drive at any cost.

Always before sitting behind the wheel and starting the engine check the setting of the rear and side mirrors. This is something any experienced and responsible driver should do.  This will not only make your driving easier but will also reduce the chances of accidents.

6. Ignoring the Importance of Speed 

When the question is about the worst mistakes learners make while learning to drive is that not following the speed limit tops the list. In fact, not keeping a constant speed is a common mistake learners make while learning to drive. Not just learners this mistake is also common among experienced drivers.

No matter how late you are to reach the destination try to maintain the right speed limit. Not too fast and not too slow. Fast driving whether on busy city roads or open highways can be the reason behind accidents. On the other hand, slow driving shows a poor confidence level of the driver. Due to fear of making mistakes, some people tend to drive very slowly, which can be irritating for other drivers on the road.

On most Australian roads, you can find the speed limit signs that inform the driver about the maximum speed limit on a particular road. Such signs are mostly available on busy roads, zigzag roads, or in areas where road maintenance works are going on.

Be aware of posted speed limits at all times, and never exceed them. This is very important when you are sitting behind the wheel on a highway road.

7. Unnecessary Stalling

One of the basic mistakes learners make while learning to drive, especially amongst new drivers of manual cars is unnecessary stalling. Stalling means the engine is dead while you are driving. This can put you as well as passengers and others present on the road at high risk. Nobody knows that the car is going to stop suddenly and it is obvious to act immaturely at that time.

Stalling amongst new drivers occurs as the clutch and to some extent, the accelerator is not operated properly. The coordination between the clutch, accelerator, and the brake should be smooth and this can be achieved through proper practice.

This worst mistake while driving can also be due to a number of issues that cause a car’s engine to die. There can be some problems with the battery, something is wrong with the fuel system, problems with the electrical system, and when there is not enough airflow.

So, apart from learning to drive you should be well equipped with your car parts. This can help you in recognizing problems that could cause a car to stall.. Learn what to do when there is some kind of mechanical issue and how to fix the problem as soon as possible.


Now that you are aware of the common mistake learner make while learning to drive, you should try to avoid them at any cost. To learn driving, look for a reputed driving school in Perth like Aventus Driving School. Here the experienced instructors will teach you all the aspects of driving and soon you will find that you’re holding your driving licence.

Right from theoretical to practical knowledge, you will soon be ready to sit behind the wheel without making any driving mistakes.

If you’re ready to hit the road take driving lessons in Perth with Aventus Driving School. Here the fees for driving lessons are very reasonable and the classes will be organized as per the convenience of the students. Moreover, instructors are trained in handling different types of students.

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