Top reasons why should you learn automatic car driving
May 17, 2022

Top reasons why should you learn automatic car driving

You know it’s high time to learn automatic car driving when you have had enough of the bumper-to-bumper traffic and the exhausting inconvenience of driving a manual car. Automatic car driving is not only safe and easy but probably one of the best decisions you can make, especially if you are a new learner.

If you have been driving for quite a while now, you probably don’t realize how tough it can be for new learners to get the hang of driving when they first start. It seems so tricky to wrap your head around it at first—clutch down, hands-on steering wheel, mind the gearstick, switchgear, gear up, and NEVER TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE ROAD! All of this at once can be a little too much to take in for the first few days at least.

Moreover, let’s not forget the struggles of navigating through traffic during rush hours, as it not only needs a lot of effort but also reduces the fuel efficiency of the car. For these reasons, many car enthusiasts and car owners have switched to automatic transmission cars for a smooth driving experience and unmatched comfort even in heavy jammed traffic.

Still on the fence about whether you should learn automatic car driving, here is a list of 5 reasons that will help make up your mind in favor of learning to drive automatic cars.

1. More fuel-efficient 

Fuel efficient cars

Fuel consumption remains a top concern for people considering switching to an automatic car. But what most car owners do not know is that with the introduction of multiple technological advancements in the form of AT (Automatic Transmission), AGS (Auto Gear Shift), and CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) by car manufacturers, this is not something you should be the least bothered about. These automatic transmissions are tuned and adaptable for all sorts of driving conditions and are tuned to provide the perfect balance between performance and fuel economy.

To be fair, there are certainly some conditions with this claim as it relies on the kind of technology that the automatic car is built with and when it comes to a manual car, it varies based on the way the car’s being driven.

But broadly speaking, modern cars greatly differ from the bulky, slow, and poor fuel-economic variants of old. They’re now equipped with AI and mechanisms that can enable them to ascertain exactly when to switchgear intended to maintain the best possible fuel efficiency.

On the contrary, in manual cars, each time you change gear, engine power diminishes and the speed of the car goes down, all of which surges the consumption of fuel. A good deal of modern cars is equipped with dual auto clutch systems capable of switching gears way faster than any person. In some cars, in place of gears, they are incorporated with a transmission that doesn’t include gears at all and constantly runs at optimal fuel efficiency.

As technology has advanced, most automatic cars either have just as much fuel efficiency as their manual variant, or in many cases, automatic cars have even better fuel economy.

2. Better performance and greater versatility

Speaking of Auto Gear Shift cars, you are given the flexibility of changing between Automatic and Manual modes of driving. Moreover, AGS comes enabled with Kick Down and creep functions. The Creep function allows you to drive at really low speeds in heavy traffic just by letting go of the brake pedal. The Kick Down function is used to provide prompt torque and power for enhanced acceleration.

In the case of Automatic Transmission, which is very responsive to driving inputs; it has adequate power available to carry out speedy acceleration and sturdy driving performance. Automatic cars also come with a Hill Hold function that inhibits the car from moving backward while driving on an inclination.

When it comes to CVT, the engine functions at the best possible efficiency streak to enable linear and seamless performance. Simultaneously, there’s also the L model which is super useful while you are driving on inclines, not just hills but even–basement parking areas and flyovers.

3. Much easier to learn and drive 

learn automatic car driving

Easily the most apparent benefit is that driving an automatic car is substantially easier than driving a manual one. Reportedly, automatic car driving is not only less stressful,  it just may be safer as well. The reason for this is quite obvious, if you don’t have to bother about frequent gear changing, you’ll be able to shift your entire focus towards the road ahead of you.

Evidently, for some drivers who struggle with coordination, automatic cars aren’t just the slightly easier option, they’re the only option. For more matured/older car owners whose reactions may no longer be as brisk as they used to be, or if someone typically tends to have a hard time with coordination, an automatic car can enable them to be just as safe a driver as anyone else.

Now, this should be a very convincing reason why you should consider learning to drive an automatic. Also, while driving in cities, you’ll have to readily deal with ever-present traffic signals, road junctions, and heavy traffic and if you are driving a manual car, this can be extremely nerve-racking and tiring. The frequent stop-and-go cues for people driving manual cars infer that they’ll be required to hold down the clutch and lift back up just to get moving again every single time. This may be okay and doable for a while, but after continual driving, this gets quite tiresome and can even make your feet cramp or ache.

Why trouble yourself with the constant press downs, when an automatic car is right there to do it all for you. As a matter of fact, many drivers who own a full manual license often resort to driving automatic cars solely for this reason.

4. Automatic cars will take over by 2030

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise, the production and sales of manual cars are rapidly falling, partly because of the rising demand for automatic cars, but also because car manufacturers are preparing for the restriction on fossil fuel-run cars by the end of this decade.

A good number of leading car manufacturers have ceased the production of the formerly infamous manual models, to be replaced by their automatic counterparts only. This trend is bound to progress with each year and by 2030, the sale of all new fuel-powered vehicles will be completely banned. In place of that, all new cars will either be electric or hydrogen-powered, and all of those will be automatic. This can be one of the biggest reasons why you should learn automatic car driving instead of a manual.

In many parts of the world, the manual transmission is more commonly used still. That said, when it comes to Australia, cars with automatic transmissions are way more common than manual cars, and chances are most families own at least one automatic car – especially if the car’s been bought just a couple of years ago.

In Perth, most driving instructors offer automatic driving lessons, and based on the driving school you opt for, you just might even be required to pay more for manual driving lessons owing to the limited supply of manual driving instructors.

5. Enhanced sense of control

An automatic car allows you to keep both your hands on the steering wheel for long as it doesn’t require you to manually switch gears every now and then. For anxious learners, this can boost their driving confidence and they experience as though they have more control over the navigation at all times.

If you just want to practice in the most convenient setting, or if you don’t plan to use a manual car anytime in the future and don’t think it’s a must, then learning automatic driving is a great way to get you the much-needed on-road driving confidence and experience. You can always go back to driving a manual, and it will be easier because you will have bridged that gap when you’ve got a strong sense of confidence to start from.

Another thing that holds back learners from getting that confidence to start going for driving lessons in the first place is the thought of accidentally stalling the car in bustling traffic. This can be particularly daunting if you’re learning to drive in a busy big city like Perth, or any other city with heavy traffic, or in a place that needs lots of stopping and starting on inclination ( hilly areas).

But fortunately, there is no possibility of stalling an automatic car, because the technique using which an automatic car delivers power from the engine to the wheel drive is completely different and doesn’t depend on manual input by the driver using the clutch.

All of this makes up for a promising learning experience as it develops a sense of control and confidence in the driver.

What you learn in the automatic car driving course

automatic car driving course

When you register forautomatic driving lessons at Aventus driving school Perth, you are assisted by an experienced driving instructor with over 7 years of driving and guiding expertise in a dually controlled, automatic vehicle. All our driving instructors are masters at helping you learn automatic car driving skills to a T, simultaneously ensuring that you become a responsible car driver by the end of the lessons. As you learn the how-to’s of driving an automatic, you would not just be provided with practical driving lessons but also a precise theoretical lesson so you get to learn about how the road rules work, what defensive car driving is, how to handle and control your car on the road and subsequently prepare you for your driving test.

How to find an automatic driving school

There are things that you must check for in an automatic driving school to make the best of your learning experience. You can learn car driving with Aventus Driving School Perth and begin your journey to mastering the driving skill. Our Perth driving instructors have over 7 years of expertise in training people how to drive.

Our  driving school offers a variety of driving lessons, like manual driving lessons, and corporate driver training programs, in addition to these, we also offer automatic driving lessons, and defensive driving courses, and our driving instructors will give you just the right amount of attention to transform you into an excellent driver and share their expertise in a way that’ll help boost your driving confidence in any situation, be it heavy traffic or hilly areas.

Also, make sure to consider the following factors:

  • Quality guidance and training are key to learning in due time and start driving independently, if your driving instructor is patient, intuitive and a pro troubleshooter consider the job done, as these are qualities that are a prerequisite for a good driving school.
  • Ensuring that the drivers are experienced and certified is extremely important. You can’t trust a newbie trainer with such a risky learning experience, which, if gone wrong can be fatal or scarring for life.
  • It is recommended to check if the driving school provides accessibility and proximity to your home/ workplace to ensure a seamless learning experience.
  • The modes of teaching should be new and upgraded, do not fall trap to companies offering outdated teaching modes just because they are cheaper, especially if you are opting for an online course.
  • Cost efficiency is yet another factor you must consider, as you do not want to pay an unreasonable amount of money to a driving school just because it has a popular name. You can easily find quality automatic driving schools that are not cost-effective while providing a great learning experience.
  • We suggest checking if the driving school uses safe and dually controlled cars for teaching their learners to avoid any preventable accidents.
  • Googling or asking for other learners’ experiences with a particular school can also always come in handy before choosing a driving school.


We are sure this article was helpful to you in some way and nudged you towards having great learning and driving experience with automatic transmission cars.

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