How Can Corporate Driver Training Benefit Your Business?
February 1, 2022

How Can Corporate Driver Training Benefit Your Business?

Fleet managers in small and big organisations strive to comply with all the government regulations so that the companies are not charged with unnecessary penalties or legal actions. Corporate training of company drivers is one such necessary thing that should be carried out by organisations to ensure their workforce maintains all the standard driving regulations.

It also becomes imperative to make sure that the drivers are safe when they are out on the road. Besides that, it has several other business benefits. If you are a business owner in Perth, you should seriously consider searching for a Corporate Driving School Perth and make your drivers enrol in the corporate training course.

Now let us discuss how corporate driver training is beneficial for both you and your drivers.

What Will A Driver Learn From The Corporate Driver Training Course?

The corporate driver training course is a comprehensive module combining theoretical and practical knowledge of driving corporate vehicles. From the basics to the advanced skills of driving, everything is included in this course so that corporate organisations can have a skilled and properly trained drivers’ workforce. Here are some key things taught in the corporate driver training.

Defensive Driving

The course focuses on teaching the drivers Defensive Driving Training skills, which ensures that the drivers always adopt a safety-first approach while driving. The drivers learn to stay focused and aware of their surroundings while maintaining a sufficient distance around the vehicle. They work on the various psychological factors like anxiety, emotional distress and stress that negatively affect driving.

Proper lane positioning, hazard responsiveness, avoiding unnecessary hesitancy at turns and intersections are also covered in the course.

Handling Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Large vehicles like trucks and trailers are very difficult to manoeuvre, and new drivers often tend to get overwhelmed when driving them in crowded urban areas. If not controlled properly, they can get stuck in traffic, causing inconvenience to others and also getting late in executing their assigned jobs.

The corporate driver training Perth understands these issues, so gives special attention to skill up the drivers in controlling large vehicles efficiently.

Dealing With The Traffic

Real traffic can give rise to unprecedented situations and put the drivers in a pickle. During the training, they are exposed to as many different real-time scenarios as possible so that they have enough experience to deal with real traffic. The drivers also learn to anticipate the actions of other drivers so that they can take quick and preventive steps to avoid risks and dangers.

They are taught about the significance of different road markings and traffic signs, to deal with distractions and how to effectively execute parallel parking and lane changing without distracting the others on the road.

Benefits Of Taking A Corporate Driving Training

More Business Prospects

When your drivers come out of a Perth Driving School, they are skilled to the brim, so they get more things done in less time. So, you can use your workforce optimally to meet your business requirements. It also opens new doors for business as your drivers establish a good rapport with your clients and customers, which automatically promotes your brand image. That way, you can surely expect more business deals and opportunities.

Savings In Insurance Costs

Trained drivers reduce the chances of accidents, so significantly cut down your insurance costs. Your insurance premium depends on the number of previous claims your business has had, so if there is a reduction in the number of accidents, you automatically save money on insurance premiums. Also, many insurance companies give both company and employees discounts for undergoing corporate driver training.

Improved Business Image

When you put your drivers on corporate drivers training, it shows that you care for your employees and automatically enhances your brand reputation. Also, your drivers represent your brand out there on the road, so any mishap or accident can cause severe damage to your brand image, which may take quite a lot of time to recover. Having properly trained drivers reduces this risk by a great margin.

Savings In Vehicle Maintenance

Better driving habits ensure that your vehicles will undergo less wear and tear; therefore, there is a cut down in the maintenance costs. Vehicle components like the clutch pedal, gear, tyres and brakes significantly get affected by bad driving techniques and can be expensive to repair. It may also be possible that some of your vehicles completely break down and you have to replace them with new ones.

Reduced Vehicle Downtime

Vehicles requiring regular maintenance and repair means your vehicles would be off the road for longer periods which can affect your business. You may have to invest in buying more vehicles to compensate for this situation that will hamper your budget, and you have to cut down costs from other important areas of your business. Drivers trained in a driving school Perth ensure your vehicles are in optimum working conditions so that you can make the most out of them.

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

Habits like car idling, frequent starts and stops, harsh acceleration and driving at uneconomical speeds all add to declining the fuel efficiency of your vehicles. It may not be an issue if a couple of drivers have these habits, but if most of your drivers possess these traits, it will severely increase your fuel costs.

By undergoing corporate training, the drivers can work on their weaknesses and reboot their driving habits.

Improved Compliance With Health and Safety

The corporate training provides compliance training on driver health and safety so that your drivers are always compliant with the necessary certifications. It shows that you are taking employee safety as a priority to minimise the risks, and your fleet is regularly following a vehicle maintenance program.

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Final Words

The safety of your drivers is of paramount importance, and corporate drivers training understands that well. Besides that, your business also benefits from it in several aspects. If you are searching for a “driving school near me” in Perth, you can contact one of the leading driving schools, the Aventus Driving School, which have expert trainers and provide excellent corporate drivers training at competitive rates.

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