Is It Worth Taking Manual Driving Lessons?
February 8, 2022

Is It Worth Taking Manual Driving Lessons?

Driving a manual vehicle car is quite more challenging than driving an automatic one, but it has its perks too. It makes you a better driver and prepares you for different difficult situations. If you want to take a Manual Driving Lesson Perth, you can get enrolled in any reputed driving school and get your certification.

Let us now see what you learn from a manual driving lesson and its benefits.

What Will You Learn From A Manual Driving Lesson?

Avoiding Dangerous and Costly Habits

A manual driving lesson will teach you to effectively handle your driving components so that you do not wear them out in a couple of years. Though manual gearboxes are designed to have a long lifespan, your driving behaviour has a great impact on its longevity. The way you control your speed, how you press your clutch pedal and your approach to using the neutral and parking gears – everything combined together determines the lifespan of the transmission of your car.

An expert driving instructor will make you aware of the sounds of your car, by which you can decide when to ease the pressure off the accelerator and change gears. Implementing these behaviours will extend your car’s life and prevent any serious damage in the long run that can cost you big time.

Learn To Be Confident Behind The Wheel

When you drive a manual vehicle, you need to be constantly in focus and aware of your surroundings so that you can be accurate in pressing and releasing the clutch pedal, changing gears, accelerating and applying brakes. You would also be able to identify when to change gears by the sound of your car engine. All these will be pretty difficult to get in control of at the start of your manual driving lessons in a Driving School Perth, but once you learn them, you will feel a great sense of confidence and achievement.

Moreover, if you switch to automatic vehicles in future, you would feel more confident behind the wheel and be able to drive any type of vehicle perfectly.

Learn To Better Control Your Car

As the manual transmission offers more flexibility and control over your car’s performance, it can be very useful while driving your car in crowded urban areas where you need to frequently start and stop. The engine of a manual vehicle can be used more effectively to increase and decrease the car’s speed and helps to both put more power into the car when it’s at lower speeds and reduce relying on the brake pedal. It’s especially useful during hill starts and taking your car up on inclines at slower speeds.

Key Features Of A Manual Driving Lesson Perth

A comprehensive manual driving lesson covers all the aspects related to driving a manual car so that even a student who has no prior knowledge or experience of driving also goes on to become a skilled driver after undergoing the training. Here are some key lessons that are taught in a manual driving school Perth.

Basic Manoeuvres

The major part of the training includes practical training on the basic controls of a car and learning the various manoeuvring techniques. It includes the clutch-gear combination, acceleration and steering techniques, backing up and reversing, vehicle positioning, headlight flashing and hand signals.

Understanding Lane Position

Proper lane positioning techniques are crucial to effective driving and avoiding disturbance to other vehicles on the road. The training teaches you how to maintain your position in the centre of a lane unless your vision or the road ahead of you is obstructed. You also learn to smoothly change to different lanes without bothering the other drivers.

Turns and Intersections

As the gears need to be manually controlled in your manual vehicle, you may find it challenging to steer your car at turns and intersections. Your car may come to a sudden stop if you mess up the clutch and gear combination. During the manual driving lessons Perth, you are taught to strike the clutch pedal, accelerator and gear at the right time so that your car can effortlessly perform in these situations.

Parking and Backing

Backing and parking techniques test the driving competency of a driver. These skills take time to master, but manual training can surely teach you the basics. You will know how to back and reverse your car and park it in limited spaces without causing any inconvenience to the other vehicles.

Good Driving Habits

Do you know that keeping your clutch pedal pressed while halting at a traffic signal on first gear increases your clutch wear and tear?

You may not be aware that your driving habits are directly linked to the health of your car components. A manual driving school teaches you good driving habits that not only keeps you safe on the road but also benefits your car and enhance its lifespan.

How Enrolling In A Manual Driving School Can Benefit You In Your Career?

More Job Opportunities

Having a manual driving license brings you more opportunities for employment. It allows you to drive heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and trailers. So, you can apply for driver job openings incorporating companies that mostly have manual cars in their fleet.

Also, since automatic cars are becoming popular in Australia, people are preferring to learn to drive these only. When you learn to drive a manual car, you get a competitive edge and more chances of getting employed than others.

Employment in Overseas

If you are searching for job opportunities as a driver outside Australia, it is better to get a manual driving license as manual cars are still dominant in most parts of Europe and Asia. Learning to drive only an automatic vehicle will limit the opportunities, and it may be long before you crack one.

Affordable For Your Business

If you run a business where you need a vehicle for product delivery, it is recommended you go for a manual one. A manual vehicle is cheaper to purchase and service than an automatic one. So you can learn manual driving and easily afford one from the numerous options.

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