I Failed My Driving Test What Should I Do Now?
July 18, 2022

I Failed My Driving Test What Should I Do Now?

When failed your driving test, the question may arise ‘I failed my driving test what should I do now?’ Well, failure is a part of life and you must not get disappointed when you failed a driving test. Learn from past mistakes and start the whole process of learning how to drive a car from the beginning and again sit for the driving test.

Driving seems like an easy task for many. But in reality, it is not so and that’s the reason why many people in Western Australia fail the driving test on their first attempt. Driving is a huge responsibility as here any small mistake can take your as well as others’ life and even cause huge damage to property (both public and private).

Learning anything new is always very challenging and the rule applies to driving skills too. Initially, the art of driving will definitely feel daunting and tiring but with the right guidance and practice, one can master this skill. Hence experts always recommend learning driving from experts. Learning how to drive a car from parents, friends, neighbors, and family members will not prepare you enough to pass the driving test.

Always be positive and don’t linger on the fact that ‘I failed my driving test’ and soon with correct guidance and knowledge you will succeed with flying colors.

What Happens After Failing My Driving Test:

What Happens After Failing My Driving Test

‘I failed my driving Test What should I do now?’ is a common question that haunts people who failed their driving test on the first attempt.

Well, first of all, regain your confidence and think about the endless benefits of getting a driving license. With a driving license in your hand, you will be able to commute from one place to another independently, without depending on others. Also, it will help you save time and money. The time saved can be used fruitfully with your family and friends.

When you give your first driving test, your testing officer will calculate your test score on the basis of how you performed and how quickly you react during the driving test session. If your score is good, you pass the driving test, or else you failed the driving test.

A good look at the score sheet will give a clear idea regarding your limitations and areas where you need to work more to improve. Any comment given by the testing officer should be taken seriously as they are for your benefit only.

Mark down your weak points and work hard to improve those areas and give your driving test examination again.

Top Reasons for Failing in Driving Test:

Reasons for Failing in Driving Test


After I failed my driving test, the question arises as to why or the reasons behind the failure. The testing officer judges one’s ability to drive on many grounds. You can only pass the driving test if you show good scores on all the grounds.

Some common reasons why one failed the driving test are:

  • Not making effective observations at junctions, means you are not making sure as to whether it is safe to drive ahead or making observations while you are making a turn. Failing to look properly is one of the main reasons behind a failed driving test.
  • Not in the habit of using mirrors correctly when changing direction, managing speed, and before giving a signal. Effectively checking the mirrors helps in detecting blind spots and makes the road safe for all.
  • Not able to drive the car in reverse mode. If one does not look around while reversing, there is a high chance of mounting or hitting a curb.
  • Not using the steering wheel correctly is another common reason behind failed driving tests. Repeatedly not steering enough or steering late is not a sign of a good driver.
  • Incorrect use of signals will also not help in passing the driving test. Signalling properly or not signalling at all or signalling too early or too late are some mistakes that one should avoid at any cost.
  • One who does not follow the speed limit will not be able to pass the test. Inappropriate speed like going too fast or going too slow must be avoided.
  • Not responding to signs and traffic lights can also add a negative mark on your report card.
  • Driving without a seatbelt is another mistake that you must not make at any cost.

What To Do After Failing Driving Test?

Getting your driving license gives you a sense of independence, freedom, and convenience and boosts your confidence level. Hence, a failed driving test should never come in the path of your success. So keep trying and try again. If you want your driving license, get trained by an expert.

After you failed the driving test on the first attempt, you get to know about your mistakes and weak points. Note down the points and focus to improve them. For instance, if you made the mistake of not checking the mirrors frequently, then try to practice driving keeping in mind to check the mirrors more often. Soon you will notice that you have developed the habit of checking the mirrors.

In this way, you can rectify all your mistakes and soon you will be ready to give your driving test again. In Western Australia, you can give the second driving test soon after failing the first attempt. However, it is better to wait for some time and then try again.

Suppose you failed the driving test in three attempts, then you need to wait for a month before trying again. In the meantime, do not lose hope be confident and keep practicing whenever you get the time.

Get Training From Driving School:

learn driving from the experts

In Australia, it’s not mandatory to attend a driving school to master this skill. However, it is highly recommended to learn from the experts if you have failed the driving test on your first attempt.

Plus, in some states of Australia, driving lessons taken from an accredited driving instructor will give you bonus points on your logbook hours. Good bonus points will help in get your driving license.

When looking for a driving school, make sure you choose one where you can learn driving with world-class technology and training curriculums where equal importance is given to both theoretical and practical driving training are given. When you join a reputed driving school, expert Instructors will make you acquainted with the basics of driving a car. All the formulas will be taught to make you a skilled, confident, and responsible driver.

Also, here you will be taught to drive on different roads and under weather conditions. Also, instructors will make you aware of all the road rules and regulations so that you do not violate the rules. Instructors will even keep a close eye on the way you are driving and correct any mistakes instantly before it becomes a habit. Driving mistakes are one of the reasons behind not passing the driving test.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Do We Have To Wait To Re-attempt Your Driving Test?

‘Failed my driving test’ on the first attempt, now thinking about what to do next? In Western Australia, if someone failed a driving test on the first attempt, you can give the test again the very next day. However, even if you can attempt the test again, it is always better to wait for a few days. If needed join a reputed driving school in Perth and brush up your skills.

Taking a few driving lessons will make you more confident and will help you to rectify the faults that cause your loss on the first attempt. Try to sit for the second attempt when you are mentally ready.

Suppose you sit for the second test and fail the driving test again, you can try again in eight days. But, during these eight days do not get disheartened and practice more and more. Remember practice makes a man perfect. Do some meditation and talk to others to bring back your confidence level.

If you fail the driving test on the third attempt, you have to wait about a month before giving it a try again. One month’s time is enough to rectify all your mistakes and faults that came on your path to getting a driving license.

How Many Times Can I Attempt Driving Test? 

If you fail your driving test on the first attempt, you must wait two weeks before giving it a try again.

You will have to pay the applicable retest fee and give the practical driving assessment test on the pre-decided date. In total, you have three chances to pass the test and get your driving license.

Suppose you fail a driving test on all three attempts, you need to start from the beginning to get your license. In such a case, it is recommended not to get disappointed and have patience. Join a driving school and learn all the basics of driving. Focus on both theoretical and practical lessons so that you never fail a driving test again.

What are the failing and passing rates in Western Australia?

In West Australia, the driving test is too tough. To get a license one needs to give a 35-minute on-road test taken by a Department of Transport assessor. A number of techniques are used to judge the way a learner drives and qualifies for P-plates.

The assessor judges how a person operates and guides a car as well as obeys road rules and regulations and knows about traffic rules. Even how a person responds to hazards and unpredictable road conditions is also taken into account.

Learner drivers over the age of 17, seniors, international drivers, and additional class license holders are eligible for a practical driving assessment.

According to the Department of Transport, more than half of the drivers (learners) fail in their first practical driving test attempt. In 2019-2020 about 25,000 people attempted their practical driving assessment test for the first time.

Out of the 25,000 people, only one-third passed. Roughly 68 percent of drivers failed, which is much more compared to the previous year. In Perth, drivers find it tough to clear the practical driving assessment test.

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