How To Find the Best Driving School | Best Tips
June 28, 2022

How To Find the Best Driving School | Best Tips

Driving is a lifetime skill and knowing how to drive is a must in today’s busy lifestyle. Once you learn how to drive a car, you can never forget it. To learn driving, the first task is to know how to find the best driving school that is best in your area.

But before that, you should know some of the benefits of driving. Driving is not just a convenient way to move from place A to place B. It is much more than that.

Driving is fun as it gives a sense of independence, increases the confidence level, gives an adrenaline rush, and chances to make memories and ways to explore new places and destinations. Research has even proved that driving is beneficial for mental health, especially for those who are growing old. It keeps the mind alert and reduces the risk of many age-related mental issues. Moreover, driving helps to save your cost as well as your valuable time.

If you really wish to discover the joy of getting behind the wheel, learn the skill from an expert. Learning from family members, friends or relatives can give you the basic knowledge but will not definitely polish your skills.

Moreover, learning from an expert will help you get the most out of the driving lessons and you can confidently drive on the road independently within a few days. The time duration may differ from person to person but the impact of a good instructor is the same for all.

So, the task to choose a driving school in your area should be your first priority when it comes to learning to drive a vehicle.

How to select the best driving school? , you need to keep in mind certain tips.

Best Tips To Find the Right Driving School:

1. Research online reputation and read reviews:

Tips To Find the Best Driving School

A long list of satisfied customers says a lot about an organization. So, to choose a driving school one tip that you should follow is to read reviews of past customers. In Perth or any other big city, you can find a good number of driving schools.

Selecting the right school can be difficult but with research, you can find the best one. Simply check the official website and their social media profile to get some idea about the reputation and popularity of the driving school.

Satisfied customers are more than eager to write a few words of appreciation. Positive reviews from former students throw some light on the experiences of former students as well as the strength and weaknesses of driving instructors.

Even customers who are not satisfied will not hesitate to post a few lines about their experiences.

Along with the official website, you must also check social media accounts of respective driving schools and third-party websites to get real reviews. If a driving school is not doing a good job then the negative reviews from former students will help you in avoiding those schools.

So, when it comes to how to select the best driving school, reviews from former students are surely going to help a lot.

2. Check learning vehicle information:

Your driving lessons will be fun if the driving school uses the right vehicle. Modern and upgraded vehicles help you to learn about the latest features and how to operate them.

So, when the question arises regarding How to find the best driving school in Australia, make sure to enquire about the learning vehicle information. In fact, you must give stress a model that you are planning to buy in the future.

Learning to drive your dream car will make you feel comfortable and safe. Also, the driving school must offer a choice of either a manual or automatic transmission vehicle.

Moreover, you should prefer a school where driving is taught in a car fitted with dual controls. In a dual-controlled car, driving is safe as here if a student makes a mistake the instructor is able to control the car. This in turn reduces the risk of any kind of accident.

Also, do not forget to check whether the vehicle used by the driving instructors have the required insurance or not. You can always ask for the details of the license at the driving school.

You must even check the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) safety test rating of your driving instructor’s vehicle.

3. Learn about the driving method:

Driving Methods

Not all students are the same. While some can learn to drive within a few days some may need weeks. So, when you choose a driving school it is important to learn about the driving method.

A good driving school is one where the teaching method depends on the pace of the learning ability of a student. Some learn quickly when dictated, while some learn faster when taught practically. So, choose a school where equal importance is given to both practical lessons and theory tests. This can help understand the basics of driving properly.

When a lesson is taught in a systematic and structured manner it becomes easier for students to grasp the knowledge taught in a class and even look forward to the next class.

The driving instructor must practice the habit of giving each student a record card. On this record card, the instructor will note down your progress and can tell when you can drive safely and pass the driving test.

Also, the driving instructor must be able to teach you both manual and automatic cars.

4. Know about driving instructors:

Your driving instructor has a direct role in how fast you complete your driving lessons. Hence when you choose a driving school first get some information about the instructor.

A professional with a solid track record will be a good instructor. Also, a good driving instructor is one who has strong communication skills and patience to handle different types of students.

When an instructor is good and knows how to handle different types of students, the lessons become fun, and your confidence level increases. A qualified instructor will not only teach the skills required to become a driver but also make you a responsible driver. They will also teach you all the important road rules and the secrets to clearing the driving test.

It is recommended to choose a driving school where you have the option of changing instructors.

5. Check services and flexibility: 

Flexible Driving Services

If you have a busy schedule and want to learn driving, choose a driving school that offers booking as well as lesson timing flexibility. Time commitment is something that you cannot ignore.

Sometimes, you join a driving school and it becomes difficult for you to manage time. In such a case, cancellation of classes is the best option. So, a driving school with a convenient cancellation policy can help you save money.

Also, the school must be able to change or reschedule your driving lesson timings without any issues. With flexible scheduling options, you can be assured that the instructor will be available seven days a week. So, taking out two to three hours a week should not be a difficult task.

Plan ahead so that your driving lessons do not get affected.

6. Explore the driving school’s specialties:

There are many driving schools in Australia but how you choose the best one depends upon the area of expertise of the school.

You can check the official website of a particular driving school to get an idea about the school’s area of expertise. For instance, some schools are good for those who wish to learn to operate heavy equipment vehicles. This means here you can easily learn to drive trucks and other heavy vehicles.

Few other areas of expertise are mainstream driving lessons like automatic driving lessons, manual car driving lessons, corporate driver training lessons, and defensive driving courses.

Nowadays, another attractive area of expertise that some schools are offering is online classes. Your driving instructor will give the theoretical lessons online. This will save time but for the practical classes, you need to be physically present.

Also, before you choose a driving school, find out whether the instructors have expertise in teaching older people, nervous teenagers, or novice students.

7. Ask for the prices:

If you are thinking about How to find the best driving school, the cost factor will help you out. Different driving schools charge differently. While some charge on a per lesson basis, there are some who charge on an hourly basis. Some driving schools even charge on the basis of different courses.

For a novice driver, a long-duration course is a good choice, but for those who simply need to polish their driving skills to upgrade their license, short-term courses are fine.

Well, price is an important factor but never opt for the cheapest driving school if the above-mentioned tips are lacking. There are many driving schools that charge less and offer poor service. Always be aware of the offers that seem too good to be true. You want good value for your money.

It is recommended to choose a driving school that charges reasonably, offers good services, and has an excellent track record. Also, inquire about hidden costs. It is your right to know about the hidden costs as you are the one who will be paying the money.


To sum up, the above-mentioned tips will help to choose the best driving school in Australia. At Aventus Driving School, you can find a team of the best driving instructors who can help you attain your driving goal. Whether you are new or have little experience in driving, our team will help you sit behind the wheels confidently.

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