How To Drive a Manual Car | Best Learning Steps
June 7, 2022

How To Drive a Manual Car | Best Learning Steps

Hey everyone in this article we will talk about how to drive a manual car, but before starting let’s have a look at why driving a car is a good decision for you: There is no age limit for learning anything new and it’s true when it comes to learning to drive a car. By knowing how to drive a car, communication becomes easy and you don’t have to be dependent on others. Another key benefit of driving is that it gives you a sense of freedom.

In fact, most people are eager to learn to drive but just wait till they are eligible for getting a driving license. Without a license, there is no point in taking a car on the road. There are many reputed driving schools in Australia where you can easily learn to drive.

Before you look for a driving school, decide whether you want to learn to drive manual cars or learn to drive automatic cars.

While Australian roads are full of automatic vehicles, it is recommended to learn to drive a manual car. Knowing manual car driving is best for beginners.

Why Learn To Drive a Manual Car:

Learn To Drive a Manual Car


Automatic cars are easy and convenient to drive, but driving a manual car can be fun and interesting. There are several benefits of driving a manual car, such as

  • It keeps your brain alert, as you have to shift gears on your own instead of relying on the machine. You get to control the car totally, which gives a totally different feel of freedom.
  • By knowing how to start a manual car, you can be in control of any situation. For instance, if you have to shift to another country where manual cars are more common than automatic cars, then there is no need to learn to drive all over again.
  • From a monetary point, manual cars are less expensive as compared to automatic cars. So, for a beginner who wants to invest in a car, the best option is a manual one.
  • Manual cars give better mileage than their automatic counterparts. Also, the maintenance cost is less. Thus, the overall cost of owning a manual car is economic.
  • Those who learn to drive manual cars are aware of the fact that there is less chance of getting distracted. With both the hands and legs occupied and eyes on the road, there is no scope of even receiving a phone call or typing a text.
  • By knowing how to drive a manual car in Australia, it becomes easy for the person to learn how to ride a motorcycle or ATV.

Now that you know the pros of driving a manual car, find out the rules and regulations applied by the Government in your state for driving such machines.

For instance, in Western Australia, drivers of automatic cars must appear for a practical driving test before their license is updated. Also, drivers must have a learner’s permit before they drive a manual car on the road.

Steps to Drive a Manual Car:

Steps to Drive a Manual Car


Learning how to drive a manual car is not rocket science. With proper knowledge and lots of practice, anybody can learn to drive a manual car in Australia.

To make the process easy, here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to start a manual car:

  1. Sit behind the steering wheels and put on your seatbelt. If you are new to driving, get familiarized with the parts, like gear stick, speedometer, brake, pedal clutch, and so on.
  2. Now figure out the functions of each part, such as how and when the gear should be changed and when you should put the foot on the brake, and lots more.
  3. Adjust the seat position according to your height. Your position should allow you access to the clutch. Press the clutch pedal and try to release it slowly and steadily.
  4. Before you start the engine, move the gearstick into neutral, meaning it should be in the middle of the gear selector positions.
  5. Now start the engine, pushing the clutch pedal on the floor, while your right foot is on the foot brake. When you start the engine, the handbrake should be on.
  6. Select the first gear keeping the clutch still depressed.
  7. Disengage the handbrake, and gently put pressure on the foot brake using your right foot.
  8. Now with your left foot, lift the clutch pedal slowly.
  9. Remove the handbrake, so that the car starts moving slowly.
  10. Now to increase the speed of the car use the accelerator pedal to move while taking your foot off the clutch.
  11. To change gear, depress the clutch pedal and gently push the gear stick to maintain the desired speed. For going backward, use the reverse gear.
  12. To come to a halt, remove the foot from the accelerator and depress the brake, and clutch.

The above-mentioned guide only helps you to understand the basics. Practice in an empty open area with an experienced manual driver until you are familiar with the driving process.

From Where to Learn:

There are many online videos that tell you how to drive a manful car in Australia. But it is always better to take practical classes. In fact, it is the best way of perfecting your manual driving skills.

To brush up on your driving skills, you can enroll in any reputed driving school in Australia. In a driving school like Aventus Driving School, lessons are provided by expert driving instructors. Here the expert trainers can help you master the manual transmission and make you an expert driver within days.

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