What is a Hazard Perception Test? What One Should do to Pass it?
December 10, 2021

What is a Hazard Perception Test? What One Should do to Pass it?

Many young teens are still waiting to turn 17 to take their parent’s vehicle keys and drive off. Just imagine going on an excursion with your buddies and enjoying the music along the way. This is something every kid dream of, but the real question is, how to get it done? Well, it’s only possible through HPT or Hazard Perception Test.

One can learn more about this particular from the professional driving instructor near me as they are pretty experienced in such areas. Individuals who are curious to learn about this Hazard Preparation Test should look at the contents provided in this article.

Hazard Preparation Test: What Is It And What One Must Do?

The HPT or Hazard Preparation Test is a computer-based test that judges an individual’s ability to respond and detect all the increasing hazards on the road. This might be related to all the vehicles surrounding them, an entity that will most likely cross their path or the pedestrians.

After taking the Perth driving lessons, one must opt for this particular test. On the other hand, the driving lessons will offer some insights about the test, which is pretty essential for everyone who is opting for HPT. The test contains about 15 video stimulations.

These are stimulations on which an individual has to take the test one right before gaining access to a test run. When an individual is pretty confident enough, they can proceed further with all the other remaining tests. One just has to utilize their fingers to act, mind to think and eyes to see.
They have to notice all the changes and the patterns and think about what they are going to do promptly.

When And Why Must One Take The Hazard Perception Test?

When individuals have decided to opt for the HPT, they should do so within 10 months of getting their learner’s license. Doing so will surely bring an individual one step close to obtaining their permanent driving license.

The test will be conducted at the best driving school Perth, and one of the biggest reasons for taking this test is to complete the process of transforming into a certified driver. It will enable an individual to become a driver with a P1 register from the provisional learner.

The rules and regulations of the test will depend on the age. Individuals below the age of 25 can take the test after 6 months of their learner’s license holding. This extends the waiting period for them and provides them with a lot of time to improve their critical thinking and sensory skills.

You must hit the roads to check and observe all the potential hazards you might get to encounter. On the other hand, drivers who are 25 and above can opt for the test right after getting their learner’s license.

This means you don’t have to wait for the test; you can take today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. You are free to take the test at your convenience.

Preparing For The Hazard Perception Test: How To Do It?

Individuals who have completed the defensive driving course Perth and decided to prepare for the Hazard Perception Test there are several ways they can do so. To learn about these ways, please check the information provided below.

  • Opt For Books – Learning is one of the best options when it comes to preparing for a test. To have excellent knowledge and understanding about the potentially risky scenarios and roads, you have to opt for the handouts and books available for all the drivers. Driving is pictured as objective work, and individuals have to go through all the provided materials to offer them proper understanding. It will also allow one’s mind to be in sync with the test makers. 
  • Go Outdoors – No one will drive vehicles in theory because everyone has to hit the roads by themselves. Putting oneself in a real-life scenario is one of the best ways to learn about the hazard perception test. But that doesn’t mean one has to bump or crash against other vehicles and test out the response. Individuals are required to be observant and take a look at what exactly other vehicles are doing. They should look out for all those crossing the road and must gauge everyone’s next move. Now, one needs to think about what they can do if some unwanted situation takes place. The only way you can have a good understanding of the road is by stepping your foot on it.
  • Choose Practice Tests – This process is very comparable to the SATs and will make individuals feel like they are going back to school. But to make proper preparation, you have to do a lot of practice. The test will take place on a computer. The practical experiences along with the books will provide you with a lot of skills. But you still have to learn how to operate the brakes, accelerator, clutch, and other vehicle features right through the computer. When you know how to do something and then apply it are two different things. You should go online and do some practice on your own before the actual. 
  • The Actual Deal – To pass the Hazard Perception Test, individuals have to score at least 44 out of 75 points. Whenever he/she come across a hazard on the computer screen, they should press on it. There is a high chance that most of the hazards will not turn out to be the major ones. But when you click on the screen, you are actually protecting yourself and getting to highpoint your state of mind. Every individual should remember that clicking on the screen several times will not provide them with any points. The software will undertake that one is taking a test chaotically.  One must utilize their instinct and the handbook. They should put themselves on the roads and look at how they will respond when it comes to saving themselves. 

Ending Note

Taking up the Hazard Perception Test can turn a provisional learner into a full-time driver. The Aventus Driving School is currently the best place to opt for this test. The school overs books and other materials that will help you prepare for the test effectively.

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