What Are The Benefits Of Taking A Defensive Driving Course?
February 15, 2022

What Are The Benefits Of Taking A Defensive Driving Course?

Just passing a driving test and getting your driver’s license does not make you a better and responsible driver. Driving is a skill that takes years to master and improves over time. If you are a resident of Perth and want to learn driving or hone your driving skills, you should enrol in a Defensive Driving Course Perth to get comprehensive knowledge on driving.

A fraction of a second is enough for an accident to occur, even with no fault of yours. Playing safe is the only option you have. A defensive driving course prepares you for all the possible situations that can arise while you are on the road driving so that you can take quick and effective decisions.

To know about a defensive driving course and its benefits, go on to read this article.

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What Is A Defensive Driving Course Perth?

A defensive driving course provides training to make drivers acquainted with the safe driving techniques and standard driving rules so that they can anticipate emergency or hazardous situations and accordingly control the vehicles.

The drivers taking this course also grow to become responsible drivers who keep safety as the topmost priority while driving. Besides teaching how to drive cautiously, the course also trains you to be aware of the actions of other drivers. For example, a car driver in front of you abruptly changes lanes without giving proper indicator signs. In such a case, you can play safe by slowing down and letting it go way ahead of you without unnecessarily trying to overtake it and increasing the chance of an accident.

A defensive driving training Perth instils these behaviours in you where you take responsibility for others safety along with your own.

What Will You Learn From A Defensive Driver Training Course?

Safety-First Approach

Enrolling in a defensive driving course will instil in you to always follow a safety-first approach while driving. You would avoid aggressive and reckless driving urges and be better able to deal with the bad driving habits of other people. You would be habituated to always wear your seatbelt and check whether your car doors are properly locked to avoid any chance of a mishap.

Staying Focused

You will learn to stay constantly focused while driving, which can help avoid risks and mishaps to a great extent. You would be aware of your surroundings and frequently check the mirrors. If any vehicle is furiously driving, you would maintain a safe distance from it or even pull over or take the next exit to ensure total safety.

The 3- to 4-second Rule

It is an important rule to learn for all drivers out there. As the highest chance of a collision is when you strike the vehicle in front of you, you can use the 3- to 4-second rule to maintain a sufficient following distance. It would give you enough time to brake your car to a stop when it’s necessary.

However, this rule is only applicable in good weather conditions, and a driver needs to increase the following distance by a second for conditions like fog, rain, when following a large trailer or during night-time driving.

Psychological Factors

A defensive driving school teaches you the psychological factors that most drivers deal with which affect their driving behaviour. You will learn ways to overcome some of the negative factors associated with driving, such as fatigue, road rage, unnecessary anxiety and emotional distress.

You would be confident right from the start and get familiarised with several alternatives to instil a positive attitude when driving and develop a focus on all the driving mechanics.

How Can Defensive Driving Training Perth Can Benefit You In Your Career?

Undergoing defensive driving training under an experienced Driving Instructor Perth can also prove beneficial for your career if you want to pursue a career in professional driving. Let’s see in what ways it can give you a headstart in your driving career.

Corporate Job Opportunities

As soon as you complete your certification in defensive driving, you earn the badge of a better and responsible driver. You would get more preference from companies who hire professional drivers than others who have undergone a regular driving course. You can showcase your driving skills and land a job in corporate organisations that pay handsome salaries to drivers.

Save Money For Your Small Business

If you run a business with a handful of other members and you are in charge of delivering the products of your company to your customers, going through a defensive training course can save some significant bucks for your company. You would improve the fuel economy of your vehicle by avoiding driving out of the posted speed limits and abrupt starts and stops.


If you already work as a driver in an organisation, you can still take the defensive training course on your own to add extra value to your company and maybe earn an extra incentive. Undergoing the course would hone your skills as a driver, so you would enhance the fuel efficiency of your company’s vehicle, deliver products on time, increase customer satisfaction and keep the vehicle in good condition.

All these things can surely catch the attention of your employer, and you get an extra incentive on your salary or even get promoted to higher and more lucrative roles.

Independent Driving

If you go on to provide driving services as an independent driver, taking a defensive driving course uplifts your driving skills, and people tend to prefer you over others for your sense of responsibility. That way, your customers will recommend you to others, and your business will eventually grow.

Final Words

A defensive driving course improves all your driving skills and makes you a responsible and better driver whom people can rely on. Whether you are applying for a corporate driving job or want to earn your bread as an independent driver, this course is a must-take for you. You can choose one of the reputed driving schools, the Aventus Driving School, for defensive driving lessons Perth.

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