What Is The Complete Process To Get A Provisional License in Western Australia?
December 27, 2021

What Is The Complete Process To Get A Provisional License in Western Australia?

Having a provisional or P1 license will allow an individual to drive independently in Australia without the need of a supervision driver. Once you obtain the provisional license in Western Australia, you have to put up your P-plates and carry the license with you.

Doing so will allow everyone on the road to know that you are a provisional license holder. But to become eligible for this particular license, you have to learn what exactly the license is, what it can do and how it will help you.

To do so, you have to gain proper knowledge from a well-known and the best driving school Perth and take a test or an exam. To learn about its complete process, please check the information provided below.

Getting A Provisional License: The Complete Process!

Individuals interested in obtaining a provisional or P1 license in Australia have to follow several steps to get the work done. To know what these steps are, please check below. 

Supervised Driving

To obtain a provisional license, the first thing one must do is get supervised driving experience. This means he/she has to complete 50 hours of supervised experience, which includes 5 hours at night. There is no maximum limit available to the experience, and individuals can get it right before opting for the driving test. 

  • That’s why you need to obtain as much experience as possible, and you can go beyond the 50-hour requirement as well.
  • You have to obtain 50 hours of supervised experience for your L plates. When you keep gaining experience and get closer to the 50-hour need, the experience will become a bit different.

This means that you will now prepare yourself to drive independently without the help of an expert or supervisor. It will be much better if you obtain experience in as varied conditions as possible.

The Hazard Perception Test or HPT

The HPT is a computer-based that you must take if you wish to obtain the P1 license. You can gain knowledge about the test by taking the driving lessons near me to score excellent points.

  • After completing the Perth driving lessons, interested individuals must be at least 16 years and 6 months old to sit for this particular test. 6 months should also pass since obtaining the learner’s permit [Passing the learner’s test]. 
  • Before an individual can sit for the test, they must have their post-PDA Log Book checked to confirm whether the supervisor and themselves have signed the declaration of completion.

One must only sit for the HPT when they are confident that they will pass after completing the practice test many times. 

You can learn in detail about the Hazard Perception Test here What is a Hazard Perception Test? What One Should do to Pass it?

PDA or Practical Driving Assessment 

After completing the driving lessons Perth, individuals must be at least 17 years of age to sit for the PDA. He/she is not only required to hold a learner permit, but they have to pass the HPT, which carries a minimum holding period of 6 months. 

Individuals are free to book for the PDA and sit for the test after passing the Hazard Perception Test. One must also have to carry the 50-hour experience to become eligible for PDA. You must only sit for the PDA if you are confident that you can drive safely without the guidance and instructions of the supervisor.

What Are The Features Of The Provisional License?

After completing the corporate driving training and passing the PDA, one will officially become a provisional license holder. You will have the license for 2 years until you receive a driver’s license. The 2 years of the P1 license are made up of 6 months for the Red Ps and the remaining for the Green Ps. 

When individuals maintain an excellent driving record throughout the 2 years, they will instantly reach from red to green. After that, they will progress from green to a full driver’s license in no time. 

In addition to obeying all the rules and regulations of the road, there are some specific rules associated with the Red Ps, which individuals must follow. Not following these different rules can lead to loss of the license or heavy fines. So, what are these additional rules? Look below!

Blood Alcohol Concentration

There should be no presence of alcohol in an individual’s system. The results should be zero. 

Demerit Points

The demerit points should be 4 points. 

Plate Display

You have to make sure that the Red P Plates [White P with a red background] should be displayed on the back and front of your vehicle or car. 

The Maximum Speed Limit

One should maintain a maximum speed limit assigned. 


If the transmission is tested out as automatic, then one can only drive automatically.

Mobile Phone

Individuals can only utilize their smartphone to receive or make a call when it’s securely mounted, or it can be operated without touching the device. It’s completely illegal to use the mobile device to email, text, video call when driving. The GPS can be used without problems if the mobile device is mounted properly and doesn’t require a touch input.

Night Driving Limitation

All drivers should have a night-time driving limitation for the first 6 months of a particular P1 license. This will prevent the drivers from driving between 12 am to 5 am. But these restrictions are not applied to individuals who travel back and forth for voluntary or paid work, education, or training-related purposes. If one has to drive for any of these reasons, he/she has to carry proof to provide it to the police, who might pull them over.

License Category

This is applied to only the C-class vehicles [not the motorcycles, trucks, or buses]


It’s not allowed to supervise a learner.

Parting Words

When it comes to obtaining a provisional license, there are several things one needs to do. He/she has to complete a 50-hour supervised experience, take the HPT and then complete the PDA. The experts from Aventus Driving School can help you with such matters. As they provide proper training and knowledge to help you become eligible to receive a P1 or provisional license.

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