Learn WA Road Rules From Expert Driving Instructor Perth
August 27, 2021

Learn WA Road Rules From Expert Driving Instructor Perth

Not knowing Australian road rules will be pretty troubling for you. Australia has traffic issues that many individuals are unfamiliar with, and not following them might result in heavy fines. That is why it’s highly essential to learn about these standard road rules at the best Driving School from the driving instructor Perth, so that individuals can avoid violating road rules and keep themselves and others safe from mishaps or unwanted problems or issues.

Apart from that, learning about these road rules from a professional Driving Instructor Perth will also allow individuals to stay on the right side of the law. Here’s a quick look at the most essential aspects.

Road Rules You Should Know:-

When you opt for Driving Lessons in Perth from a well-known driving school, you should learn about several road rules that are essential. Do you wish to know what they are? Please check the information below!

  1. The Speed Limits
    There is a specific speed limit that one has to follow. Individuals who increase the traveling speed to 60km/h for every 5km/h might get injured or face accidents. Not following the speed limits will lead to heavy penalties. All the drivers who go above the given speed limit are caught by a radar detector or a radar jammer and are penalized.

  2. Making A U-Turn
    The experts from the top Perth Driving School say that one should not be caught off guard when it comes to making a U-turn where it’s not allowed. It’s highly essential to give way when individuals are making a U-turn. So, when making a U-turn, one must check whether it’s safe enough to do so. Apart from that, he/she must also communicate their intentions to all the other drivers with the help of indicators. Also, individuals should make way for all the motorists, pedestrians and cyclists within the road he/she wishes to turn into.

  3. Following The Distance: Tailgating
    Tailgating is something when a vehicle in the front is a bit too close to your car. You can be charged $200 and two points if you fail to follow a safe distance. This type of road rule is something one should not take lightly. Individuals who fail to follow this particular road rule might lose their driver’s license and have to pay a heavy fine. That is why it will be much better to aim for the minimum distance between your car and the other vehicle.

  4. Overtake Safely And Securely
    Several of the road rules regarding overtaking is pretty intuitive. Overtaking rules should be followed without fail, and one must not opt for risky manoeuvres when overtaking. Drivers are not allowed to overtake:
    • When there is a sign that prohibits overtaking
    • At a children park, railway, and pedestrian crossing
    • When there are continuous, double, or single lines
    • When the approaching traffic is not visible
    Make sure you overtake safely and keep a lookout for motorists and cyclists when doing so.

  5. The Roundabouts
    Drivers usually think that when entering a roundabout, they should make way for the vehicle on their right side. But that’s not true. It’s because, within a roundabout, the cars will already be on the right side, regardless of the position they are in. This is taught at the best driving training schools like the Aventus Driving School and it will help you avoid a fine of $150 and three points. Other roundabout-related offences might cost an individual around $200.

  6. Keeping It On The Left
    It’s highly essential to follow the ‘keep left rule’ when choosing the correct lanes. This particular rule is applied to all high-speed roads that carry a speed limit over 90km/h. All motorists driving on a multi-lane road should begin from the left side of the lane.
    However, they are allowed to use the right side of the lane when they are: taking a U-turn or taking a right turn, overtaking, there is congestion within the other lanes, and trying to avoid an obstacle. It’s important to follow the keep left rule when the road sign says so. Otherwise, you will be penalized.

  7. Making Way For Emergency Vehicles
    When sirens are blaring, red lights are flashing, and an emergency vehicle is on the way, it indicates that you have to stay out the way. No matter what you do, it will be better not to drive through that red light. Not making way for the emergency vehicle will cost you big time, which is four points and a $400 fine.

  8. Prohibition On Mobile Devices
    In Australia, the prohibition of using smartphones has been publicized heavily across the entire country. Many drivers have felt the frustration of trailing behind a motorist who is not driving correctly, and they only realized that the other driver is busy talking over the phone.
    This is a type of violation that most motorists often conduct, and they don’t realize that they are increasing the risk for others on the roads. You will be charged $400 for using your mobile phone while driving, and taking a look at the chats, texts, or messages is also against the law.

Learn From The Expert Instructors

Learning about all the essential road rules and signs is highly important, especially for a first-time driver. Individuals can gain proper knowledge and understanding from professional Driving Instructor Perth who have the skills and experience.

If you are also looking to learn driving and looking for your driving lesson, check out our blog and learn about the Common Things Before Your First Driving Lesson.

Learning about WA road rules is the key to driving successfully. However, you need a trainer who can guide you right from the beginning. That is why schools like Aventus Driving School exist. They have resources and highly qualified instructors who guide each of the candidates to understand, learn and gain knowledge about the various road rules and legal obligations.
So, get in touch with them, and emerge as a law-abiding and highly experienced driver in Western Australia.

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