Understanding The Basic Road Signs in Western Australia
December 17, 2021

Understanding The Basic Road Signs in Western Australia

Driving in Australia will not cause you any trouble or problems. But you need to have a good understanding of all the road signs in Western Australia. They are easy and quick and easy to read and understand.

Following the road signs in Western Australia while driving will enable a driver to avoid unwanted situations like accidents, breaking traffic rules, going into the wrong road or lane and many more.

Most of the road signs used in Australia are of the international signage, such as speed limits and warning signs. But there are some road signs in the country about which every individual needs to know. One needs to learn about these signs through the driving lessons Perth as when he/she will be driving on the roads in Australia.

Which Are Various Types Of Road Signs In Western Australia?

You can join a good driving school Perth where you properly understand these signs in detail. But here, under this section, you will get to know about some of the pretty important road signs. Look below! Having a good knowledge of these road signs will allow you to drive safe on the roads.

The Regulatory Signs

The regulatory road signs are the essential ones among all the other road signs in Western Australia. One can easily identify them through their colours, and the majority of them are featured in black or red text with a white background. These road signs are:

  • Spins Signs – Usually taught at the driving lessons near me, and these signs warn all the drivers about the maximum speed they can drive. These signs are placed for every individual’s safety, and avoiding them can lead to hefty fines. One pay attention to all the road workplaces as the speed limit must reduce due to safety of all the workers.
  • The School Zones – In a school zone, the common speed limit during the pick-up and drop off hours is 40km per hour. But in several Australian states, there are some variations. For instance, Victoria follows the speed limit of 40km/h during the peak times at the school zone. And the assigned speed limit is less than 80km/h when it’s out of school hours. But when the speed limit outside of the peak school hours is much higher than 80km/h, the speed limit at the school zone during the pick-up and drop off times will be displayed at 60km/h.
  • Stop Signs – These signs mean that one has to make a complete stop and give way to the traffic. There is no chance of missing out on this sign because it’s displayed in the form of a large red-coloured sign with white text.
  • Give Way – This particular sign indicates that one doesn’t have to make a complete stop when there is no traffic. But you have to stay ready to make a stop. That’s why you must cautiously approach a give way sign.
  • Traffic Flow Signs You will find some road signs that are designed to control the flow of traffic. These signs are Keep Left, No Entry, One Way Restricted Turn Signs and Two Way. These signs are called traffic flow signs.
  • Parking Signs Individuals who do not wish to pay costly fines from the parking inspectors have to follow the parking signs. The sign that says “NO PARKING” means you cannot park your vehicle where this sign is placed. On the other hand, “NO STANDING” means that one cannot even stop their vehicle, even for a short time. There are also many constrained zones for taxis, buses or loading zones.
  • Clearways The clearways are no-parking locations during the peak times of the day. Individuals might find vehicles parked in those areas during other times, but they will not find vehicles located in that area during the hours mentioned on the sign.

The Warning Signs

Warning road signs
Warning Road Signs

The warning signs are signs placed on warning people about all the upcoming road conditions or hazards. These signs do not provide any mandatory instructions, but they are put in place for every individual’s security and safety and should also be taken pretty seriously.
While driving on the road, you will find the warning signs in black and yellow writing. When you come across such signs, you have to be extra careful. Now, let’s learn about these warning signs in detail.

  • Warning Signs [Temporary] These road signs are created to alert all the drivers of a temporary hazard or danger. This might be floods, fallen rocks, roadworks, fallen trees or any other type of road situation, such as crashes. You must pay close attention to the temporary warning signs when driving on the roads as they advise of upcoming lane closures. Following these signs properly will give you a lot of time to merge.
  • Warning Signs [Permanent] The permanent warning signs will let all the drivers know about the upcoming road conditions. The condition could be wildlife warnings, winding roads, livestock warnings, sharp turns, traffic lights or various other conditions that need attention.

Information Signs 

Information Road Signs
Information Road Signs

The information signs will make it a lot easier for everyone to get around as safely as possible. Given below are the information signs. Take a look!

  • Route Markers and Guides – These signs are pretty useful for long journeys. The signs will tell you where to exit the freeways and highways. You will also find the route markers, which will help in guiding you towards all the major driving routes, such as tourist drivers and highways.
  • Speed Cameras – The majority of the Australian states display warning signs for speed cameras. These cameras will take a picture of a vehicle if the speed is above the given speed limit. So, when driving on the road, individuals should pay close attention to these signs and act accordingly.
  • Speed Ahead – These signs come in black and white shades. They will warn all the drivers about the change in speed ahead will driving. This will surely give the drivers to slow down.

Parting Words

Road signs are essential, and everyone should follow them. Doing so will allow you to follow the traffic’s rules and regulations. Avoid getting fined and prevent unwanted accidents or other situations from occurring on the road. Individuals will surely gain a lot of knowledge about these road signs to follow them when they hit the road.
The Aventus Driving School can provide proper knowledge and understanding about these signs through its driving courses.

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